Fasso is a top-fermented blond beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle, unfiltered and with an alcohol percentage of 6.5% Alc.Vol., color 10 IBC, bitterness 25 EBU.

Pour at 8° to 12°

Full malt, wheat sweet, fine bitterness, citrus aroma, honey

It owes its name to the Germanic Fasso, who, together with his companions, would be the basis of the name Vissenaken. The place name was often named after the people who lived there. That's how "Fasso's snakes" eventually became Pisces. About Pisces on Wikipedia.


  • Fasso accompanies very well mussels nature.
  • Baked herring (baked on barbecue) with onion sauce (prepared with FASSO) and a jacket potato, is served with a perfectly fitting glass of blond FASSO.


  • Water
  • Barley and wheat malt
  • Hop
  • Yeast

Fasso is for sale in the brewery by appointment


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