Brouwerij Vissenaken has set itself a powerful task: Brouwerij Vissenaken actively seeks to help preserve and spread the Belgian beer culture in the broadest sense of the word. This includes: brewing beer, involving and initiating as many people as possible in the brewing process, getting to know and learning to appreciate the thousands of Belgian beers, visiting small breweries and exchanging information and knowledge, last but not least, putting Vissenaken on the world map through its own brewery. Because what is worse than a pub without beer? Exactly… a village without a brewery!

Brewery visit

A brewery visit is only possible by appointment.

Practical information

Our beers are sold to order in the brewery. Do you want to order our beer? Pass your order by mail or call us on 016/82.13.77 or go through the E-shop.

Contact information

Pisces Brewery
Metselstraat 74 - 3300 Piscesaken


Phone 016/82.13.77

Bank account: 785-5438977-95
VAT: BE 0878.810.201
Branch number:
License holder: BE1H000039500


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